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MgSO4 Less Effective

Following are abstracts of several early publications on toxicity of MgSO4, furnished to me by Dr. Seelig:


Selye H (book): The Chemical Prevention of Cardiac Necrosis. Ronald Press, New York, 1958.

AB: ESCN (electrolyte-steroid-cardiac-necrosis) rat model; production with Na salts listed (p.20-21, including Na2SO4); not produced by MgSO4; prevented by MgCl2 & KCl (table 4, p. 33); MgSO4 less effective (table 5, p.35); comparison of inhibition of ESCN by MgCl2 (no necrosis). MgSO4, exerted no significant inhibition of necrosis: 90% necrosis (Table 6, p. 37)


Harris AS, Estandia A, Smith H, Olsen RW, Ford TJ Jr, Tillotson RF: Magnesium sulfate and chloride in suppression of ectopic ventricular tachycardia accompanying acute myocardial infarction. Am J Physiol 172:251-258, 1953.

AB: AMI from ligation of anterior descending coronary in 36 dogs: rate of ectopic ventricular tachycardia greatest 1st day & most resistant to drugs. MgCl2 successful in 9 of 13 dogs (70%); MgSO4 in 5 of 11 (47%).


Classen H-G, Marquardt P, Ebel H, Schumacher LA, Spath M, Helbig J: Experimental studies on the intestinal absorption of magnesium and its protective effects against cardiac hypertrophy and nonocclusive necroses. In (M. Cantin, M.S. Seelig, eds) Magnesium in Health & Disease Spectrum Publ, NY, 1980 - (2nd Intl Sympos on Mg Quebec, 1976) pp 521-535.

AB: Only MgCl2 & MgAspHCl (MAH) protect against (epinephrine [Ep]-induced) cardiac necrosis because they correct pathogenic extracellular (e.c.) hypochloremic alkalosis. Hyperglycemia after Ep was decr by each Mg salt. MgSO4 was poorest absorbed. In (MgDef & ClDef + Ep), hyperCa & hypoMg predominate. Both Cl-salts may be better for therapeutic use; MgCl2 is more toxic than MAH. Summary: Rat comparative studies of MgSO4, MgCl2, MgAsp, & MAH, for differential absorption of Mg & uptake by blood & tissue as well as cardioprotective in 2 disease models. On oral administration plasma & bone Mg were significantly higher after each Cl- containing salt than after MgSO4 or MgAsp. Except for MgSO4 in the 2nd model, all prevented cardiac hypertrophy.

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