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Magnesium Symposium at Experimental Biology 2010

Program Announcement, April 24, 2010, Anaheim Convention Center

Featured Editorial from Life Extension Magazine, Sept. 2005:

How Many Americans Are Magnesium Deficient?

Complete Book by
Dr. Mildred S. Seelig:

Mg Deficiency in the Pathogenesis
of Disease

Free ebook
edited by Robert Vink and Mihai Nechifor
University of Adelaide Press

Magnesium in the Central Nervous System

John Libbey Eurotext

Magnesium Research
Archives, 2003-Present

The legal battle for recognition of the importance of dietary magnesium:

Legal documents

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XIV International Magnesium Symposium

Villa Malta - Roma, June 23-24, 2016

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Are you getting enough magnesium to keep yourself healthy?

"According to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (1977) there have been more than 50 studies, in nine countries, that have indicated an inverse relationship between water hardness and mortality from cardiovascular disease. That is, people who drink water that is deficient in magnesium and calcium generally appear more susceptible to this disease. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has estimated that a nation-wide initiative to add calcium and magnesium to soft water might reduce the annual cardiovascular death rate by 150,000 in the United States." ( Dr. Harold D. Foster , " Groundwater and Human Health," Groundwater Resources of British Columbia, Ministry of Environment, Lands, and Parks and Environment Canada, pp 6.1-6.3 (reprint), 1994.

Pages 440 through 447 of the Report of the Safe Drinking Water Committee of the National Academy of Sciences, 1977

Is the RDA for Magnesium Too Low? From the 1996 FDA Science Forum. Abstract.

Published Oct., 2013

Featured Article:

The High Heart Health Value of Drinking-Water Magnesium
Andrea Rosanoff

Center for Magnesium Education & Research, Faculty Affiliate, College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management, University of Hawaii, Hilo, United States

PDF: The High Heart Health Value of Drinking-Water Magnesium

View More Articles Provided by Andrea Rosanoff here.


Universal drinking water and beverages containing moderate to high levels of magnesium (10–100 ppm) could potentially prevent 4.5 million heart disease and stroke deaths per year, worldwide. This potential is calculated with 2010 global mortality figures combined with a recent quantification of water-magnesium’s inverse association with heart disease and stroke mortality. The modern processed food diet, low in magnesium and spreading globally, makes this well-researched potential of drinking-water magnesium worth serious consideration, especially in areas where insufficient dietary intake of magnesium is prevalent.

Note from Paul the Mg Librarian: 4.5 million deaths per annum from Mg-deficient drinking water would be 450,000,000 deaths over the next 100 years. By comparison, in the previous century only about 200,000,000 died from wars.

Featured Quote:

B.M. Altura and B.T. Altura

This quote is from the conclusion of the article, Atherosclerosis and magnesium, which was published in 2009 in the WHO publication, Calcium and Magnesium in Drinking-water: Public Health Significance. Link

" order to prevent or ameliorate vascular- and cardiac-related disorders, our diets and/or drinking-water (and beverages) should be supplemented with magnesium. For the diets, the available data suggest that the total magnesium intake must be at least 450–500 mg/day, and drinking-water should contain a minimum of 25–50 mg/l (at present, in the United States, many of our potable water sources contain <10 mg/l). At the turn of the past century, we were ingesting, in the United States, about 450–500 mg of magnesium per day; at present, we are ingesting about 175–248 mg/day — thus, a considerable shortfall. Corrections of these deficits should perforce lead to healthier bodies, less cardiovascular diseases and longer lifespans."

Links to over 300 articles discussing magnesium and magnesium deficiency.

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Some of the conditions magnesium may be useful in treating or preventing are:

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Medical Journal Articles

Dr. Burton M. Altura and Dr. Bella T. Altura

Dr. Mildred Seelig

Dr. Jean Durlach

Dr. Michael Shechter

Dr. William J. Rowe

(Dr. Rowe has linked the cardiovascular complications of space flight with magnesium deficits)

John Libbey Eurotext

Magnesium Research
Archives, 2003-Present

Reports from WHO (World Health Organization):

Magnesium in Drinking Water

Magnesium-rich water sources

Demineralized water

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